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NCAA tournament

Every year the committee suprises us with a team or 2 that the "experts" had out that they decide are worthy of a shot in the dance. I can only hope the UW Huskies are one of those teams this year. I do believe they need to win at OSU on Saturday and win their 1st game in the pac 10 tourny but how does a pac 10 team with a 22-10 (or better) record not make the big dance? I know the pac-10 is down but they have won 8 of their last 10 and 2 in a row on the road. They are getting hot at the right time. They are playing good basketball right now. Reward them with a 12 seed and watch them make a run to the sweet 16.
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Posted on: December 7, 2009 1:34 pm

Playoffs for the BCS

This is like beating a dead horse but why not use the system to make the system better.  A 12 team playoff would cover all the undefeated teams and give all the 1 loss teams a shot at the title still. He is the formula for success:

Seed the teams like they do for hoops with regions favoring the higher seeds 1-12.

Give the top 4 a 1st rounds bye (reward for a great season)
       This season: Alabama, Texas, Cincinatti, TCU
5 through 12 play on the 1st Saturday after the regular season ends at the better seeded home field. 
       12 LSU @ 5 Florida
       11 Virgina Tech @ 6 Boise St
       10 Iowa @ 7 Oregon
       9 Georgia Tech @ 8 Ohio St.

One week later (Dec 22ish) The 4 major bowls will host the Elite 8.
       1 Alabama vs 8/9 winner @ Sugar Bowl
       2 Texas vs 7/10 winner @ Fiesta Bowl
       3 Cincy vs 6/11 winner @ Orange Bowl
       4 TCU vs 5/12 @ Rose Bowl

Final 4 could always be played on Jan 1st.
       They venues would alternate every year with 1 venue being left out every year (rotating). Give the venue left out the title game the following year. Ex. Sugar Bowl and Rose bowl get the final 4. Fiesta gets the title game. The following year Fiesta and Rose get the final 4 and the the Orange gets the title. The following year The Fiesta and Orange get the final 4 with the Sugar getting the title, and in year 4 everone will have had 1 championship game and 2 semi-finals with the Rose getting the title and the Orange and Sugar getting the final 4.
Of course knowing that their venues would be open on Jan 1st the 2 bowls that are not hosting the final four would be free to invite the 2 teams of their choice

The title game could be played on the next Monday, a min of 7 days from Jan 1st.

$$$$$$$$ for them. The excitement and ending of a tournament that brings about 1 winner. Yes #13 could cry but they had a chance to go undefeated so those crys could fall on deaf ears, and the TCU's, Boise St's, Utah's, BYU's, would finally get their shot at the title.

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Posted on: October 14, 2009 1:56 am
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What a great weekend in sports (at least for me)

"The miracle on Montlake," is what they are calling the pass that deflected off the Arizona Wilcat receiver's foot with under 3 min to play. It popped straight up and into the chest of Mason Foster, U-Dubs linebacker, who turned around and ran it back for a game winning TD. Could the Huskys be bowling this year. They may need to win one on the road first and I'm not sure ASU is the place to get that started. How can anyone concentrate with all those hotties running around in the best Oct. climate in the USA. Too many distractions this week and the Dawgs go down 41-35

The Dodgers, who i hoped would not get swept by the cardinals pitching staff, in turn did the opposite and swept them. I was hoping to get one of two against Carpenter and Wainwright, but thanks to an early Holliday they were able to steal game 2 and Joel Piniero was no match in game 3. I like the Blue to handle the Phillies this time around. Patience at the plate will prove to be the difference as Manuel will have to go to his bullpen early and often, and that will be a Philly disaster :)

USA USA USA "Presidents cup" Tiger Woods is the best ever and i don't care if he retired today without passing all of Jack's records. Golf is more exposed and more competitive today than it ever has been and for one man to dominate his sport the way Tiger does is the most amazing thing to witness. 

The only venting I have is my Fantasy team lost due to trading for Joe Flacco and not sticking with Tony Romo this week. I lost by 6 and Flacco brought 4 points while Romo (on my bench) had 19. Of course a Nate Washington or Dallas Clark TD could have solved that on Monday night but it was not meant to be. At least Clark didn't drop one in the end-zone that he should've had (Reggie Wayne). Haha my friend lost thanks to R.W.'s drop in the 4th quarter.   
Posted on: October 1, 2009 2:00 am

Dodgers in cruise control

With home field throught the NL playoffs on the line, my favorite team in all of sports, seem to have shut it down and plan on just coasting in to the playoffs. If it's good to be hot going into the playoffs then the Dodgers may be in big trouble. They need to take this off day and regroup and refocus, then go kick the crap out of the Rockies for the next 3 days and that should build up the momentum needed. If they sleepwalk through the next series it may be hard to flick the switch back on, especially on the road against Carpenter or Cliff Lee.
Come on boys right this ship now.
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Posted on: July 10, 2009 1:25 am

How 1 swing can alter a franchise?

Mariners radio asked this question.
F. Gutierrez's 8th inn game winning HR tonight might make the Mariners buyers in the trading game. They climb to just 2.5 back in the AL West and have to be thinking they have a shot in a not so stellar division. This HR might have stopped the Mariners from dumping the high-priced good players for prospects. This HR might persuade the M's to go find that bat that could help them in the pennent chase. or this HR might just delay the inevitable fact that they are not a very good team and should they lose the next 2 games then it might be back to square one. But here is a crazy scenerio:

The M's go get that bat and squeak out a division title in a weak AL West.

Now, are they set up for a playoff run?? The scary thing is they might be set up better for the playoffs than the team that won 116 games. The rotation of Felix HernandezErik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn, and Brandon Morrow (only when necessary) could be the key.

But here is the truth. It's 1 game in early July. All it amounts to is 1 more win. The Mariners have never been a team to go get that deadline help, but hey, "it's a new day and a new way."
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Posted on: July 8, 2009 1:26 am

"The Steroid Era"

I was reading The Knobler Blog tonight about the boo's Manny Ramirez received in NY. Knobler said "Maybe fans don’t care as much about steroids as we think they do. Maybe they simply like Manny more than we think they do."

I have to say the majority of fans do not care. The media loves it, it gives them something to write, talk, and debate about day in and day out. Congress seems to care pulling baseball players in front of them trying to get them to confess, and when they don't trying to prove they are lying. I don't even want to know how many tax payer dollars have gone towards the Barry Bonds trial. The economy needs a boost and wasting money chasing ballplayers around doesn't seem the answer.

I am a baseball fan 1st and a Dodger fan second. Manny tested positive for a drug that players supposedly take when they are getting off the roids. He supposedly juiced up, along with over 100 other players that are on a "secret" (ya right) list. Manny is great for the game. He is a fun loving guy that seems to understand that it's entertainment as well as performance that we crave. I live near Seattle and I am going to the game this Sunday for the 1st time this season. Why?? My family of 3 plus an infant, plus parking = about  $125, and that just gets us in the game. For what we get charged to watch this game I want to see things I've never seen before. If that means a juiced player hits one 500 feet or a juiced pitcher throws a no-no so be it. They are the ones that will pay the health consiquences later. 

However, I do take one stand when it comes to the players taking steroids and that has to do with entrance into the Hall of Fame. There is no way any player who admitted, or through tests was proven to take performance enhansing drugs should be allowed in. The Hall to me is a place where the best of best, ever, reside, and they played the game the right way.

As far as records go if it is admitted or proven through tests that a player holding a record was juiced that too should be wiped from the books and the record return to the original player that set it.

I feel better now as I used " A Place to Vent"
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Posted on: June 22, 2009 10:14 pm

US Open 2009 the forgotten shot

Hunter Mahan's approach on 16 hit the bottom 1/4 of the stick and ricochets off the green. He should have a kick-in for birdie and get to -3. Instead he has to chip out of the thick rough and makes bogey, and because no one talked to him about it after who knows if he was mentally Jell-o at that point which is why he bogies 17 as well. Wouldn't you have to think it's not my time when something like that happens? I remember the shot Hunter, it was fantastic and you got the worst break of the tournament. Some might say Duval did with that bunker shot but he hit it over there, you knocked down the flagstick.

I would also like to welcome back David Duval. I hope he is back to challenge every week. This guy was the cream of the crop before a man named Woods came along. I liked his interview after the final round; he acted like everyone was crazy to think he didn't belong at the top. I hate to break the news to him but this is a "what have you done for me lately" world.

The back 9 on Monday was awesome, I thought Phil had it after the eagle to get to -4, but in only a way Phil can do it he found a way to lose. Duval's par put on 17 was all the way in on the left side of the hole before spinning around the cup and out ending his chances. Tiger never really had a chance, and the weather and luck of the starting times on Thursday and Friday put him at a disadvantage that he still almost overcame. Ricky Barnes you were the best to watch because you could make a birdie as fast as a bogey and you always went for it. I will never call out someone for being aggressive and I thought your put on 18 was in all the way. How it didn't break the last 2 feet is crazy and I would've loved to see all the pressure in the world on that 4 footer by Glover.

CONGRATULATIONS TO LUCAS GLOVER. I can honestly say I didn't know anything about him before this week and he seems like a real solid guy. I wish him the best of luck and hope it wasn't a 1 hit wonder.

This was my 1st blog so I hope anyone reading this enjoyed it.

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