Posted on: July 8, 2009 1:26 am

"The Steroid Era"

I was reading The Knobler Blog tonight about the boo's Manny Ramirez received in NY. Knobler said "Maybe fans don’t care as much about steroids as we think they do. Maybe they simply like Manny more than we think they do."

I have to say the majority of fans do not care. The media loves it, it gives them something to write, talk, and debate about day in and day out. Congress seems to care pulling baseball players in front of them trying to get them to confess, and when they don't trying to prove they are lying. I don't even want to know how many tax payer dollars have gone towards the Barry Bonds trial. The economy needs a boost and wasting money chasing ballplayers around doesn't seem the answer.

I am a baseball fan 1st and a Dodger fan second. Manny tested positive for a drug that players supposedly take when they are getting off the roids. He supposedly juiced up, along with over 100 other players that are on a "secret" (ya right) list. Manny is great for the game. He is a fun loving guy that seems to understand that it's entertainment as well as performance that we crave. I live near Seattle and I am going to the game this Sunday for the 1st time this season. Why?? My family of 3 plus an infant, plus parking = about  $125, and that just gets us in the game. For what we get charged to watch this game I want to see things I've never seen before. If that means a juiced player hits one 500 feet or a juiced pitcher throws a no-no so be it. They are the ones that will pay the health consiquences later. 

However, I do take one stand when it comes to the players taking steroids and that has to do with entrance into the Hall of Fame. There is no way any player who admitted, or through tests was proven to take performance enhansing drugs should be allowed in. The Hall to me is a place where the best of best, ever, reside, and they played the game the right way.

As far as records go if it is admitted or proven through tests that a player holding a record was juiced that too should be wiped from the books and the record return to the original player that set it.

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