Posted on: July 10, 2009 1:25 am

How 1 swing can alter a franchise?

Mariners radio asked this question.
F. Gutierrez's 8th inn game winning HR tonight might make the Mariners buyers in the trading game. They climb to just 2.5 back in the AL West and have to be thinking they have a shot in a not so stellar division. This HR might have stopped the Mariners from dumping the high-priced good players for prospects. This HR might persuade the M's to go find that bat that could help them in the pennent chase. or this HR might just delay the inevitable fact that they are not a very good team and should they lose the next 2 games then it might be back to square one. But here is a crazy scenerio:

The M's go get that bat and squeak out a division title in a weak AL West.

Now, are they set up for a playoff run?? The scary thing is they might be set up better for the playoffs than the team that won 116 games. The rotation of Felix HernandezErik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn, and Brandon Morrow (only when necessary) could be the key.

But here is the truth. It's 1 game in early July. All it amounts to is 1 more win. The Mariners have never been a team to go get that deadline help, but hey, "it's a new day and a new way."
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