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Posted on: June 22, 2009 10:14 pm

US Open 2009 the forgotten shot

Hunter Mahan's approach on 16 hit the bottom 1/4 of the stick and ricochets off the green. He should have a kick-in for birdie and get to -3. Instead he has to chip out of the thick rough and makes bogey, and because no one talked to him about it after who knows if he was mentally Jell-o at that point which is why he bogies 17 as well. Wouldn't you have to think it's not my time when something like that happens? I remember the shot Hunter, it was fantastic and you got the worst break of the tournament. Some might say Duval did with that bunker shot but he hit it over there, you knocked down the flagstick.

I would also like to welcome back David Duval. I hope he is back to challenge every week. This guy was the cream of the crop before a man named Woods came along. I liked his interview after the final round; he acted like everyone was crazy to think he didn't belong at the top. I hate to break the news to him but this is a "what have you done for me lately" world.

The back 9 on Monday was awesome, I thought Phil had it after the eagle to get to -4, but in only a way Phil can do it he found a way to lose. Duval's par put on 17 was all the way in on the left side of the hole before spinning around the cup and out ending his chances. Tiger never really had a chance, and the weather and luck of the starting times on Thursday and Friday put him at a disadvantage that he still almost overcame. Ricky Barnes you were the best to watch because you could make a birdie as fast as a bogey and you always went for it. I will never call out someone for being aggressive and I thought your put on 18 was in all the way. How it didn't break the last 2 feet is crazy and I would've loved to see all the pressure in the world on that 4 footer by Glover.

CONGRATULATIONS TO LUCAS GLOVER. I can honestly say I didn't know anything about him before this week and he seems like a real solid guy. I wish him the best of luck and hope it wasn't a 1 hit wonder.

This was my 1st blog so I hope anyone reading this enjoyed it.

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