Posted on: December 7, 2009 1:34 pm

Playoffs for the BCS

This is like beating a dead horse but why not use the system to make the system better.  A 12 team playoff would cover all the undefeated teams and give all the 1 loss teams a shot at the title still. He is the formula for success:

Seed the teams like they do for hoops with regions favoring the higher seeds 1-12.

Give the top 4 a 1st rounds bye (reward for a great season)
       This season: Alabama, Texas, Cincinatti, TCU
5 through 12 play on the 1st Saturday after the regular season ends at the better seeded home field. 
       12 LSU @ 5 Florida
       11 Virgina Tech @ 6 Boise St
       10 Iowa @ 7 Oregon
       9 Georgia Tech @ 8 Ohio St.

One week later (Dec 22ish) The 4 major bowls will host the Elite 8.
       1 Alabama vs 8/9 winner @ Sugar Bowl
       2 Texas vs 7/10 winner @ Fiesta Bowl
       3 Cincy vs 6/11 winner @ Orange Bowl
       4 TCU vs 5/12 @ Rose Bowl

Final 4 could always be played on Jan 1st.
       They venues would alternate every year with 1 venue being left out every year (rotating). Give the venue left out the title game the following year. Ex. Sugar Bowl and Rose bowl get the final 4. Fiesta gets the title game. The following year Fiesta and Rose get the final 4 and the the Orange gets the title. The following year The Fiesta and Orange get the final 4 with the Sugar getting the title, and in year 4 everone will have had 1 championship game and 2 semi-finals with the Rose getting the title and the Orange and Sugar getting the final 4.
Of course knowing that their venues would be open on Jan 1st the 2 bowls that are not hosting the final four would be free to invite the 2 teams of their choice

The title game could be played on the next Monday, a min of 7 days from Jan 1st.

$$$$$$$$ for them. The excitement and ending of a tournament that brings about 1 winner. Yes #13 could cry but they had a chance to go undefeated so those crys could fall on deaf ears, and the TCU's, Boise St's, Utah's, BYU's, would finally get their shot at the title.

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